Wednesday, 6 May 2009

live poker sucks

Buzz here again

O.K it was the £50 pound game at stanleys last night, always a good value tourney with 1st prize averagine 1600ish but always goes down to a chop 4 handed for about 1 grand each. Played this tourney twice and i think it is the biggest heap of shite ever, not a patch on the aspers 100 pound game. however, the value is superb so its hard to miss, just gotta take a shot early n hope to get chipped up.

100 runners total, 9k starting stack, 25 minute clock and im seat 3 table directly to the left of mr jimmy chipmunk and colin taylor in seat 8, both well respected solid players but there were also a couple of big massive tuna fishes on the table so pretty pleased with this draw.

1st hand of note i pick up ak of spades, 1 limper in early, i put it in a raise of 250 (5x bb), i get a call from the cut off,button, small blind, and the original raiser. marvelous. flop came 872 with 2 spades, limper pre flop bets out small and i re raise on the semi bluff, extra chance of winning the hand i guess, and i dont put the better on anything strong to lead out to me so im happy to represent the overpair. to my horror the cut off calls, and 1st better calls. turn is an absolute blank and is checked to me, thers about 4.2k in the middle and i think this pot is well worth another stab on the semi bluff, so i bet 3k and thankfully this bet got through. worked my stack up to 12.5k and i think this could be my night.

bleed a few chips calling raises and blinding out when after 45 minutes i look down at ak again, chipmunk limps and i raise 600(6xbb) once again i get 2 callers and chipmunk calls,4 players to the flop with a pot of 2k, board comes q high and i pass on the flop feeling like shite.

blinded out without playing a hand until i comeback after the break with about 9k,new fit dealer (fitter than spoona anyway) cecelia i think shes called on our table so tht brightens me up a bit. still in decent enough shape but know i have to get a move on with the antes kicking in and unforgiving short clock. a trip round the blinds and i pick up aj in mid position, i raise to 1200(4x bb) and get 2 callers and then a re raise to 5k so i have to pass, really pissed off again. fiona brings me a cup of coffee with no sugar as i am attempting to lose a bit of weight, as theres so many players there is no table for my coffee so i put it on the floor next to me. i go through the blinds and onto the button where i pick up 77.there are limpers so i raise to 1500(5x the big blind) and small blind calls, as soon as his chips are over the line im shouting outload "come on guys atleast 5 callers, thats the norm" extremely pissed off. so yes the big blind calls, 1st limper calls, and the 2nd limper shoves, and by this point iv had enough, so i call off my remaining 7k on a small pair which isnt like me. he flips over ak and i just have this gaureenteed feeling this is the end of my tourney, so i stand up, and stick a size 12 addidas trainer straight through my coffee, all over the floor it goes and im sure a bit went on jimmyb the casino manager, a cross between embarressment and anger i finally lift my hand up to the already dealt cards to see a king had appeared on the flop.

fucking shite night of poker all round, how much do u have to raise pre flop to get rid of some people?!?!?!?!?!?!

i need to take a break from live completely after the npf birthday game and get over this horror run i am on at the moment, running hurrendous like i have been for the last 6 weeks just leads to me tilting more, and donking out even earlier, need to fnd some way of having a structure to my cash play and sng play online so im playing more.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Been a while since either of us posted and got quite a bit to update, afraid nothing to much good.

Managed to build my bank roll up to $1500 on full tilt by winning a few 10$ 45 man sit and goes and an 8$ 180 man in the same night.

Live i have not had too much success, a few final tables and the odd 100 here and there and only one decent cash where i finished 2nd at the friday night circus 15 + 15 for 500 pound. Was a nice final table, won one race and stole plenty blinds to stay alive.

Been playing a lot 25p.50p cash games and always seem to make money, never big amounts but a nice profit added up at the end of the week.

Me and my mate (fat dom) travelled down to DTD for 3 nights and was a horror story for both, both lost massive pots within the 1st 10 hands of being there, both bad bad suckouts which made it hard to for us to build it back up. And things went from bad to worse, i lost 3 times with aces and had a few coolers, all in all it was a shocking trip.

After this trip i decided to take out my whole bankroll on full tilt to cover the losses from DTD but left 100$ in. After a week long break from the game, i put myself on a bankrolling mission from this 100$, multitabling sng's (9 tables) and cash games (6tables). And in 2 weeks i have managed to take my roll to 390$ from 100$ so very happy with that.

Realy cut down the amount i play live these days in order to focus online but stil got to the Grov for 25.50p cash games on the odd occassion, i again stil seem to make nice profits.

Had an absolute shocker at aspers last friday playing £1.£2 and heres the run down of 2 crucial pots...(somehow i manged to only finish 60£ down for the evening, pretty astonishing realy)

sat with 120 and worked it up to 200 after making a nice called with JJ on Q high board, i was then dealt AA on the button with a pot size raise from early, 1 caller, i then re potted, original raiser called,pot is about 50 pound, flop came 6 high, he lead out, i re raised, he flat called leaving himself with £25, 9 on the turn, he shoves i called, he has 99, bye bye to that 300 pound ish pot

im left with £50 and after a double up with 88 vs ak and and few more pots im left with £150 when im dealt ak utg, i raise to 7£ and get 3 callers, pot is 28£, flop is A27, small blind leads out small, i repot for about 50 quid and get one caller from the button, small blind folds, turn is an 8, i ship for about £90, he tanks and calls with A6, BANG 6 on river, and thats bye bye to that £330 pound pot

felt absolutly sick, lost 600 ish pounds when iv been 90+% favourite to win the pots

on a lighter note, if anyone would like some easy money, i cant recomend aspers £1£2 on a friday night anymore!!!

Glad to get an update out the way, hopefully be a lot more succes and updates to come from my bankroll building process online.

Good luck all

Buzz: - )

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Good the and the Ugly

I have decided to take the weight off my shoulders financially by joining
So far they have been pretty awsome, they have understood the level I would like to play at and they have assured themselves that I am a winning player by reviewing different stats.
There are pros and cons of joining up with them however I found the pros out weighed the cons, the major pro being the fact I have no money worries. The major cons were that I am only getting 25% of my profits monthly, whether this is enough money for me to survive on a day to day basis we will have to see. Also can I be a winning player with such strict bankroll limits?
Who knows, all i know is I can keep my current bankroll to spend on myself yeyy!
I played the NPF Forum Championship on Saturday which was an awsome weekend and everyone enjoyed it. I found I played well but I was not my usual aggressive self, I think this was because I assumed that the players around me were good players and would play back at me, however I totally misjudged this, these players were very basic and were only looking at their cards and not looking around them to see what was going on. I didn't really get a chance to play well, I made (what i thought was..) one sick move where a guy min raised utg, i immediately put him on QJ KJ J10 Q10 K10 A9 A10. I had A10 in the SB so I called and the flop came A4A, into a 1500 pot I decided that a check would look too strong, and if i bet out big it wouldn't give him enough chips to come over the top on a bluff as I would have no fold equity in his stack, so I put in a bet of 400 which looks very very weak and sure enough he came over the top on K10 and he was as good as dead.
An interesting situation arose in the team game, I raised from utg on KK and my team mate reraised all in, I had him covered by a margin and I had no idea what to do, I said out loud (which I regretted) "Wow this really is a team tactics decision."
By this time people have crowded round and my hole cards have been chinese whispered around the rail, so folding could risk getting my team disqualifed if someone mentions it and the dealer flips my cards (and I think playing dumb and saying I think he had aces wouldn't get through) so I asked the cardroom manager and they said I must do what I would in a normal tourney (but it isn't a normal tourney it's a team game) so I ended up calling and I was against AK, so at this point I wasn't sure who I wanted to win, me get the chips or have 1 more player in the tourney to collect points, as it happened I lost as he made broadway on the turn and I was dead. So that was a sick way to go, I ended up shoving the last of my chips in on A9 on an A high board to run into AQ.
Live poker is being cut down for now, I am heading to DTD on wednesday for more frolics however I think I will focus online more.
Good Luck all

Saturday, 7 February 2009

to infinity....

o.k the last post i made was on a bad time of my poker carear and i threatenned quiting the game, however, this was never really a likely possibly!!

I have began to play much more online (fulltilt buzzharvey22) and i feel it has improved my game immensly. I think i am starting to understand the betting patterns and poker strategy throughout the game. Around Christmas time i started with 30$ in my account and after a couple of cashes amounting to 250$ in the 1st day i had worked myself a proper bankroll.

After a couple of weeks of playing the odd tourney here and there and just about keeping my bankroll, me and Alex decided on a trip to DTD towards the end of February. So i thought to build up some spends i could play online and try and win all my buy ins. Over the past few weeks i have made a lot of small cashes, in $ 45 man sng's which i think are brilliant value, they are over in 2 hours and have 180$ prizes. I have won 3 of these and had multiple cashes. i have also play 180 man 8$ tourneys with a little bif success too, a few small cashes but nothing major. Over the last 3 weeks i have worked the 250$ i had into 900$ so i have achieved my mission of making my DTD roll!!! woohooo!!!!

On the live front, i have lost a bit of enjoyment with the game. I hate the fact you can play for 5 hours and play nicely but it doesnt really matter because it turns into bingo with everybody being shortstacked. And the fact as Alex says u cant reload into another tourney straight away.

However, i have recently won my first tourney in live poker, only a small one, 20 pound double chance at stanleys on a wednesday night!! won 225 pound and free seat to the 50 pound game!!After 5 weeks in the new stanleys league i am top of the wednesday night league, so i will continue playing on wednesdays to try and get the chance to play for 2k in the league final!!!!

Anyways sorry for being a bit boring lol hopefully i will post a 3k win or something of big signifance soon but for now im happy to keep grinding!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Only Way Is Up!

I have been having alot of success online of late. I recently won a $30 rebuy on Full Tilt for $3200.

This was a huge bankroll booster for me and I have chosen to keep within strict bankroll limits from now on. I am now playing $20 - $30 SNGs (usually turbo) in hope for a steady increase in my bankroll.

I set myself a challenge in January of accomplishing Iron Man Status on Full Tilt. This involves earning over 100 points per day over 25 days in the space of a month, not an easy task at all!
I actually managed to earn points every single day in January which qualifies me for the One-A-Day freeroll put on by Full Tilt.
In January I was very successful playing SNGs and managed to get a place on the Full Tilt leaderboard, placing 14th for the UK. For just a standard player this is a very good accomplishment however for a full time pro (I am somewhere in between) a leaderboard place should be pretty standard.

I have recently purshased sharkscope HUD which brings up players profit stats on the table allowing me to identify the weaker players at my table. I have received a mix response to whether this will be effective but for me it has made a huge impact on my game. It allows me to focus on the weaker players and be able to study their game and identify why they are lose and how I can expoit this.

As for live poker I have given up live tournaments, I feel I am outnumbered by gamblers and I find it takes a long time to show a profit. Also I prefer being able to buy into another tournament online if I am outdrawn instead of simply having a long drive home.
I have decided to play more cash games at Aspers which has the best cash game facilities in Newcastle and it is a pleasure to play there. The game is £1 £2 PLHE and I tend to play with £100 with one reload available if I need it. As I do not have the bankroll to start with max buy in everytime.

Tomorrow I will be playing in FTOPS event 1. The buy in is $216 and I have satellited in for $10 however I spent $70 in total to qualify. It has a $1m prize pool and around 5000 runners. If I win it I am sure it will be posted.

Good Luck all


Thursday, 27 November 2008

sad day

Today brings a bad time in the poker life of buzzharvey, the debate of him quitting.

Last couple of weeks i have been playing well,made 4 final tables,and made a nice amount playing a cash game.

Monday night got into a cash game at Stanleys and my previous success had got to my head, i thought i was too big for the game and thought i could bluff everybody off their hands, didnt help i ran into aces with my 72 hiting top pair on the flop,and then me bettering on every street against flopped quads when i had 4 high. Got outdrawn unluckily a couple of times but i deserved it with the terrible plays i had made. Went home and played online, 4/5$, and again decided i could bluff every single hand i was in, wrong, i bust out early in everything. Im not so much botherd aboutt the bad play but the total disregard i was showing for money,and total lack of respect i was giving other players.

Tonight i play at Stanleys tonight in the tourney, i am totaly card dead til a couple of hands after the break and look down at JJ in the BB. Button limps, SB shoves,its 1300 more as he is terribly short stackd, i decided to re shoved thinking id like to take him on 2 handed....WRONG...button insta calls and flips aces,a swift departure without even seeing the cards because i know im not going to suck out. Right waste of 2 hours playing for tht to happen.

I get home and decide to play 4/5 $ online, and no word of a lie,i get outdrawn on every hand,and lose every race i am in. I am on serious tilt right now!!!

OH well, i guess this is poker, i go from the best 2 weeks of my poker carear, to be followed by the worst.

I will play again tomorow night hopefully get everything back on track!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Progress so far

The last couple of weeks my bankroll has been up and down like kangaroos in the mating season

I have been playing alot of full tilt poker's $26 guaranteed tournaments and just couldn't keep the pots coming towards me enough to sustain a stack where I didn't need to push and be at the mercy of luck.

These wore my bankroll down which portrays my money management skills.

Last night I managed to take down a small $10 rebuy tournament for $750 which was a massive relief, I was lucky on the final table to be able to fold my way to heads up, even though I had a 9:1 chip deficit this play was so truly awful at heads up play I managed to climb my way back and take the match.

Today I won a satellite to Full Tilt's $750k gtd tournament which has a buy in of $216 and it had 3600 runners.
It started off strong with a few nice hands but didn't get paid for them and the blinds were so low it didnt increase my stack enough relative to the later blinds.
On my table I had a well known player called Danny Ryan who plays under the name of THE__D__RY who later took me out around 800th which was 300 players away from the money. I pushed on QQ and he had KK. Cooler